Poor Souls

I read many blogs and many of the topics touch me. Maggie has an awesome post here that is beautifully written and really captures the human condition. I’ve also read ones that have brought tears to my eyes. I’m sure that we all have. There are stories from all over that just rock you back on your heels and make you happy for what you have.

Then we have this:


Taken out of context one might think, “How horrible that they lost someone they knew in the war,” or some other logical sentiment. This however, is a picture of two people at the democratic national convention. Say that with me. “Democratic. National. Convention.” Not a funeral or somewhere that would warrant tears. It’s a political rally. These people are blithering idiots (I used a stronger term previously but my cynicism wouldn’t carry that far. I think it was effing morons.) They are shedding tears over a politician. Don’t they have anything worth crying about? I know that some people get all weepy at various things, but politicians? I don’t trust these people to pick a president. Perhaps a nice flower arrangement, but not a president. I prefer people to use their heads in a political race. I’m not sold on anyone just yet. I want more facts.

The other day some people (media talking heads including Stephanopopolusnous or whatever his name is…I’m not looking it up for the sake of this post.) were discussing the campaign and how the Dems needed to push a single message so we, the poor public, didn’t get all confused. Um…shouldn’t there be lots of issues for us to look into before we pick? Evidently not for the twits up above. I’m not all political and crap, but these people are going to become the poster children for the DNC and it’s not a good thing. I can feel it in my bones…like the flu.

These people need to point a finger at themselves (but not at your eye…I don’t want to be responsible for impairing your vision.) and repeat this mantra, “Get a life. Use your head.” Continue until your feel the urge to compare platforms.

On a side note: My blog address is titled after my old gamer tag, “Heinous.” Modeled after the pronunciation of my last name, “Heiney.” Astoundingly witty, eh? It’s a little old and since it’s spelled in ‘leet,’ I think I might be better served by redoing the address of the blog (just the front bit since I’m too cheap to buy my own domain.) Any thoughts or suggestions from my loyal readers? I think I’m up to almost five of you now. Keep it or change it?