How to kill your IT Department plus the seperate topic of Kindergarten

Edit: I had to retitle this from How to Kill your IT Department + Kindergarten. Waaay too easy to misread. I would never condone the killing of kindergartens…IT departements, sure, but never kindergartens

A scene from the breakroom:

“Did you bring that in?”
I looked at the neatly sliced cake my colleague was pointing at and said, “Nope. What about Rich?”
He shook his head and said, “He’s not in yet. Is Jeff in?”
I shook my head, “I haven’t seen him…unless he went out on call already.”
Joel shrugged and said, “I’ll be back in a second when the coffee is done.”
A few minutes pass and Joel comes back. He looks around and says, “Did you eat a piece?”
“Dude, it was sitting there underutilized. I had to.”
“How is it?”
“Quite tasty.”

The moral: you can wipe out your whole computing department with one well-placed and well-laced pastry. Well, except for the the one person who took a whole week off from sweets. That one person will end up wishing he or she had eaten the cake as well after all the support calls start rolling in.

You will be happy to know that there were no casualties. There was also no shroomy sort of hallucinations that went on and lord knows I could have gone for that since the students were back. I took one for the team by being the official taster for the day. I’m still waiting for that medal of valor.

On the kindergarten front, my son was a smidge weepy the first day, but he did well. He didn’t want mommy to leave, so we did the whole ‘daddy runs blocker while mommy bolts for the door’ maneuver. It’s a well practiced move and has served us well over the years. I did the requisite comforting and then passed to the teacher who did an awesome job. He was fine as soon as we passed from sight.

100_2725_small 100_2729_small


Day 2: I think he really could have cared less that we left. It was like he had grown up without even the big “Poof!” and puff of smoke. There was play-dough dammit. Bigger things were on the horizon…


6 Responses

  1. Funny!

    You are the reason notes along the lines of: “PLEASE DO NOT EAT! FOR THE MEETING!” were created!

  2. Your original title had me rolling. Glad the first day went well for the wee lad.

  3. your little baby’s all grown up. (Plus, LOVE the chucker. I cannot walk into our teacher’s lounge without gaining five goddamn pounds. )

  4. chucker? CHUCKER? you KNOW I meant chuckle. I crack myself up.

  5. Great, now I want cake. I mean, it’s not like a little poison ever killed anyone.

  6. That is why work kitchens need laundry detergent boxes. That is where I hide all the good stuff at home.

    At work, even well marked DO NOT EAT ON THE THREAT OF DEATH cakes do not survive an hour.

    And awwwwwwww, too cute.

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