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The time is rapidly approaching when my son will head off to kindergarten. He’s excited for it and his mom is a little sad that he’s growing up. Not terribly so, but enough to make a mom’s eyes get all misty. Dad is fine with it. Mainly because I knew it was coming and I’ve tried to prepare him in little ways.

I’ve helped by removing little bits of his innocence. ‘Ouch,’ you say, but it had to be done. It’s just little pieces I assure you. I’ll give you a short list:

  1. He’s had to come to face the fact that his head doesn’t really make a ‘POP’ sound when he pulls a shirt on.
  2. He’s learned that he really can’t run faster than daddy and he can’t win all the games all the time.
  3. Whining will not get you anywhere except into a timeout. Sure, it used to get you a toy just to shut you up but now it gets you a quick walk to the car.

There are other things, but you get the point. Plus I can’t remember them right now due to lack of sleep…and as you all know; lack of sleep = lack of motivation.

On the bright side, there are pleasures that come as he grows too. He now want to be a paleontologist when he grows up. It’s neat to see him get into new things and learn about it. It’s like all kids are born like a big sponge O’ knowledge and it’s only age and corrective measures that beat ignorance into kids. I’ve vowed never to do that and rail against forces (school, church, dogma, etc.) that threaten to.

The one liners are also a lot better when they get older too. You can’t get this from a year old:

Neighbor: Do want this sticky bun? You’ll have to ask your parents first.
The Boy: I can have it.
Neighbor: Go ahead and ask.
The Boy: Daddy! Can I have this sticky bun?
Me: Sure, you ate lunch.
The Boy: (to neighbor): See? I told you I could have it. The only things I’m not allowed to have are cigarettes and beer.

All stages have their perks and fun attached but even I’ll admit it’s sad to see them pass them too.


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