The youngest Marx brother

(Disclaimer: If you have never seen a Marx Brothers movie, shame on you. Go watch one and then read this post…cretin.)

Yes, that would be my son. A conversation this morning:

The Boy: “I’m not going to school today.”
Me: “Okay.”
The Boy: “I’m wearing sandals.”
Me: “To the place you’re not going to today?”
The Boy: “Yeah.”

That’s one of the great things about kids. Logic no longer applies and you can occasionally live life just like it’s “Duck Soup” all over again. Like when he comes trotting down the steps and yells, “Let’s play with poisonous snakes.” You just take up the mantle with aplomb and head off to play with poisonous snakes. Sure they’re not real poisonous snakes and I had better not bring any home because he will, most likely, play with them, but he sure acts like the fake ones are real.

Parental training should probably include a few Marx Brother movies, with an introductory voice-over saying, “This is what your life will be like at times.”  Sure, you will have lucid moments but many times you’ll either be cleaning up messes or (hopefully) get entertaining wordplay . I try to enjoy it all.

So remember, if the rug rats are ever getting you down, it’s all just another skit. Pick your role and play along.


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