DSL part Deux

Well, here’s how it all ended up. They never did figure out how to fix it. I spent 8 hours on the phone with tech support some of whom insist (at least the ones in India) that the problem is with my computer. The US side of tech support seems to acknowledge that the problem is in the line or network. They are mostly unwilling to do anything about it though since I only accounted for a teeny, tiny portion of their customer base.

I spent another 4 hours trying to get in touch with a manager willing to waive my disconnect fee. I got one who wanted to send another tech out to my house — no thanks, I took time off from work already. I waited the weekend and called back on Monday. I was on hold waiting for a manager for two and a half hours. It was lunch by then so I hung up and ate. I called again at 2:45 (EST) and got to a manager within 20 minutes. After a thinly veiled threat to discontinue my local, long-distance, and wireless service as well, I finally had the early termination fee waived.

The moral: don’t get Verizon DSL. They outsource their tech support overseas, have insanely long hold times (I bet you could sign up for services in less than 5 minutes though,) and seem to think that a week without Internet connectivity is okay as long as you aren’t willing to disconnect any other Verizon services that you are using.

Sigh, aren’t megacorporations grand? Anyway, my cable modem is on the way, so hopefully I’ll have home access soonish. Also,if you need to call Verizon, the best time to call is around 3PM est. I have roughly seven days worth of experience and it’s the only time I’ve gotten to a human and off hold in under 15 minutes.


Tech Support

I’ve been on a call with verizon for over an hour now. The hold music is nightmarish. Good lord, John Mayer, I’m ready to hang myself.

Ah, a human again. He’s having me run pings against server to see if the modem is working. This is the second modem I’ve had. Of, course they won’t listen when I tell them that I work with computers and have tried all these tests already. The guy I’m talking with is nice enough, but he has to keep running back to talk with his network guys.

I had this call escalated to a routing issue a few days ago. They sent some guy who sat down at my computer and asked me, ‘How do I get a web page to reload?’ I knew we were heading for trouble then. I literally took his cell phone from him at one point so I could get things done faster. That’s when they sent the new modem. That wasn’t it, so it was back to support.

On hold…emo music. Great, now I want to hurt someone who probably already cuts himself.

Back to pings…arrrrgggghhh. Just informed him that I am NOT uninstalling my network card again. I’ve tested this on a laptop with a working card with the same results.

2:19 “Is your modem on a carpeted surface?” Bwahahahaha…idiots…*chortle*. At least I got a laugh out of all this.

Hmmm…I am impressed with the battery life on my cordless. I’m starting to wonder if I’ll ever get to post this entry. I guess I can always cut and paste the draft and save it on my USB stick. We have an actual connection to the real, live Internet at work.

Ultimately, I am posting this by copying and pasting it onto my laptop. I am also using an ‘alternate’ connection provided by the friendly and unsecured neighbors. Verizon DSL…avoid at all costs.

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