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kids nowadays

I was at work the other day and my student employees and I were talking about the current state of gaming. I was basically saying there there is very little that interests me out there anymore. I’ve played nearly all of the first person shooters from Castle Wolfenstein to Duke Nukem to Quake to UT2004. I can’t take them anymore. I’ve played real time strategy starting with Warcraft (the original.) I still play some rts from time to time (mostly warhammer) but there’s nothing out there that seems to be adding anything to games I have and can still play.

I play a lot of Guild Wars–my first foray into MMORPG’s– and I like it a lot. I can’t see myself going out and buying other MMORPGs though. I’m not even sure I feel like grabbing the upcoming expansion pack for GW. I think I’m becoming a jaded gamer. Been there, done that…

Back to my students though. After chatting for a while, my one worker said that he feels sort of the same way. He’s been gaming since he was a kid and has some of the same views. He suddenly stopped with a look of shock on his face and said, “If I don’t play games anymore, what am I going to do with myself.”

We both started laughing. How crazy was that statement? Like there’s nothing else to do on the planet besides play computer and console games. He also owns a motorcycle and likes to ride, but it was funny that that was the first thought in his head. It’s odd that gaming has become so enmeshed in some people’s lives. I like gaming, but I also like to read and write and be outdoors.

Some people will look at a statement like that and think, “that’s what’s wrong with people nowadays.” I disagree. It’s just that kids have different outlets now and they need to be creative from time to time to look into something new. We do need to get more exercise generally, but that’s what parents are for…guidance. I’ll take games over TV any day. Other than the fact I’m bored with them of course. So I guess it’s mostly writing for now.

Happy Gaming!


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