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My son

It’s amazing how fast kids grow up. Just recently we had to find another daytime solution for watching my son. Both my wife and I work so we need someone to watch him. Of course on such notice, all the local daycares were booked and the earliest date we could find would be June-ish.

That didn’t work so we found (after my wife’s diligent searching) a few college age (we work at a university) students to watch Jacob. He’s now doing things by himself that he wasn’t doing before like picking up after himself more and is opening up more to other kids. He wasn’t really doing that before. I think it was his exposure to new people and mixing up his schedule a bit. He likes routine like most kids but I think we were over-doing it before. A little cognitive dissonance goes a long way.

We’ll see how it’s going after a few more weeks, but all is well so far.


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